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People, please, help me with level 70 in Quadrax 10. Stuck for 2 weeks. Give me final screenshot if you may. Show here or on Caifox.com or in my Email.
   email: Posted: 31.05.2017 19:25:35

Help is needed. Level 33.Q10.
   email: Posted: 15.10.2016 23:48:49
Try Caiman forum: ( LINK ).

   email: Posted: 16.10.2016 00:32:45
Тебе ещё нужна помощь или ты уже прошёл всю десятую часть?
   email: Posted: 01.06.2017 08:06:42


In version 1.3 of the game was discovered bug in game engine. If you have a game version lower than 1.4
download and install the update to version 1.4:


(If you have a problem with download from upper link, try this mirror link: quadrax10update1.4.exe)

The version number of the game can always be found in the top right corner of the main game screen.
After completing update to start the game and make sure you have the correct version of the game 1.4.

Attention! From today, you can not publish the steps and times from game version 1.3! Perform the update to version 1.4, and then you can send your results again.

This is only info.
Response not alowed.
Posted: 06.09.2016 18:58:57

Help is needed. Level 33.Q10.
potřebuje pomoc. Level 33.Q10.
   email: Posted: 01.09.2016 06:44:51
I updated to version 1.4 and I lost my save slots for level 90
Is this supposed to happen crusader

Posted: 06.09.2016 20:32:41
This is OK, because in level 90 was an error (game engine bug).

For this reason, update 1.4 MUST for level 90 delete older incompatible saves and reset game results for this level too.

Simply replay lvl 90 in version 1.4.

   email: Posted: 06.09.2016 20:38:42
And maybe you will have to replay level 72 too (in this level was the same game bug)

   email: Posted: 07.09.2016 11:39:13
Yes. Level 72 is the same.

Posted: 07.09.2016 14:18:08

Never mind, got it :)
   email: Posted: 23.08.2016 14:51:31

Can anyone help me with lvl 10? I can free three stones from the middle room, but can't figure out how to get a stone near the far right diamond to climb up. am I doing it wrong or am I just missing something? Thanks
   email: Posted: 22.08.2016 20:29:33

Can anyone help me with lvl 10? I can free three stones from the middle room, but can't figure out how to get a stone near the far right diamond to climb up. am I doing it wrong or am I just missing something? Thanks
   email: Posted: 22.08.2016 20:29:33

Here you have download of user guide of QX EFF (english version, naturally):

QX EFF - User guide.pdf

   email: Posted: 09.05.2016 16:50:16
Hey crusader.

I downloaded the QX EFF guide.

On page 73
7.2.4. Allowed ?Quadrax Neverending? moves.

I like how the men can now do moves that could not be done before. This is more realistic.

Thanks Mac
   email: Posted: 10.05.2016 16:09:41

Quadrax Neverending.

Very interesting. Does this mean that you will keep adding levels and episodes to Quadrax Neverending ?
I am enjoying Quadrax X. Episode 7 "Bleak Future" are very nice levels. You really know what you are doing. The levels and atmosphere including music are very good. The new graphics make Quadrax X a truly an exceptional ,very clever and the hardest puzzle in the world.

Thank You

Posted: 07.03.2016 19:13:52
Yep. QN will be started with initial 2 or 3 episodes, but will be designed as "neverending" and will allow add new and new episodes, as they will be created. (Theoretically, QN can include cca four billion levels in 400 millions episodes... ;-)) You can see, no one on the world can fill (create all episodes and levels) QN to his limit in one human life. Creating of one episode take cca 2 - 3 month for one master creator. 400 millions episodes is cca 83 millions years of creating process... ;-)

But if someone will create good episode in QX EFF, I can put this episode into QN. Rules for creating episodes for QN in QX EFF will be included in QX EFF user guide.

   email: Posted: 07.03.2016 19:47:21
Okay I get it.

You are more than just very clever. You have a crazy sense of humor.

Posted: 07.03.2016 21:13:32
;-) This monster numbers is depend of data type range used in QN engine source code. Every level is indexed by one unsigned int value. This fact make possible index 4 294 967 295 levels for game engine. ;-)

   email: Posted: 07.03.2016 21:24:25

Thank you so much for deciding to not make Q 10 the last, to keep creating these wonderful puzzles. They are more than just puzzles. They are stories, adventures, brain-wracking hours of pure entertainment!

Thank you for asking that question! I was wondering the same thing.
Posted: 08.03.2016 14:47:34

will there be Quadrax XI ?
Posted: 05.03.2016 03:12:29
No. Will be only Quadrax Neverending.
   email: Posted: 05.03.2016 11:03:51
Even in Quadrax X the author introduced some new elements e.g. rope, stone-changing machine, moving in darkness
Moreover there are some new tricks that hoodwinked me.
I do not think new ideas will not come.
The game still remains attractive.

Let us hope he will change his mind.
Posted: 07.03.2016 05:35:19
I dont understand what you mean: "...he will change his mind"? I clearly said: Will be Quadrax Neverending! See on the News page on this web...
   email: Posted: 07.03.2016 11:48:02
Thank you very much.
I misunderstood your previous reply.
Waiting for Quadrax neverending.

Posted: 07.03.2016 14:12:34

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