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Thanks crusader

I email forum admin.

New version of demo works well.

Posted: 17.07.2015 15:56:59

hey crusader.

This is mac_demera from the caifox Quadrax 10 forum.

I forgot to add is when I try to log in I get this General Error

The file stylefrozen_phoenix/template/bbcode.html is missing.

I went into user control panel and changed style skin and now it is messed up.

Is it possible to fix this issue?
Thanks mac_demera

   email: Posted: 16.07.2015 23:25:37
Sorry, but I don't have admin account in the Caiman forum, only moderator... :-( I can't change users private setting....

Only solution is (IMHO) create a new fresh account - try Mac Demera (without underscore char) or Mac_Demera2 etc...
   email: Posted: 16.07.2015 23:39:12
Thanks crusader
Posted: 17.07.2015 15:55:50

Hey crusader

I am member Mac_demera from caiman forum for quadrax 10. I posted a message on the Q10 forum at first. I went and changed the board style skin in user control panel and saved and now I get a general error and I cannot login or logout anymore. Please help with this

   email: Posted: 16.07.2015 17:38:59
Please send me a screenshot of your error.
   email: Posted: 16.07.2015 17:41:11

Hey crusader.

My username on the Caifox forum is Mac_Demera.
My hard drive died and I forgot my full username and password.
I tried to login but unable.
If you can please send me the information I would be very happy.

My email is dana.rispolie@yahoo.com(This is my real name). I live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada.
thanks alot

cannot login at Caifox forum
   email: Posted: 29.09.2014 16:58:37
Please disregard my request for password.
I remembered it to login at Caifox forum

Thanks Mac_Demera
Login information
Posted: 03.10.2014 15:47:38

The game for training of fluid intelligence, Brain Workshop helped me solve levels Quadrax more clearly and can help other players, so I decided to share the link: "http://brainworkshop.sourceforge.net/" "http://www.gwern.net/DNB%20FAQ", See also Brain N-Back for Android.
   email: Posted: 25.08.2014 21:04:35

Hi guys, what is new here? New thing is that you can download a demo with one level. You have to switch to czech language and go to "novinky" where you will click on quadrax10techdemo.exe . You may also download the missing library file if you play the game (demo) in win xp. Simply install the game and then add the file to the folder where the game is installed.
Or you can click on this link, http://quadrax10.wz.cz/app/page02_cz.html , and download the game.
Enjoy the game.
Posted: 02.02.2014 10:33:12

I did not, who will test the Quadrax 10, the Quadrax 9 is not stopped? But if this editor Quadrax 10 really is done I plan to help with publicity and create some levels, maybe something else. Congratulations for the amazing job.

Não entendi, quem vai testar o quadrax 10, o quadrax 9 não esta parado? Mas se este editor do quadrax 10, realmente for feito eu pretendo ajudar na divulgação e criar alguns níveis, talvez algo mais. Parab�ns pelo incrível trabalho.
   email: Posted: 03.12.2013 22:49:29
Quadrax IX was canceled. Definitely. (For obsolete etc., but QIX web pages still not updatet with this info.)

QX is now the only active Quadrax project. Quadrax X "Editor For Fans" will be released after release QX. (But this is long, long way...) All is in development, stay tuned! ;-)
   email: Posted: 03.12.2013 23:04:44
thanks for the most amazing game ever, eternal Quadrax, long life to the editor. Q10eff.
Posted: 11.12.2013 07:47:33

Thank you for continuing to give many Quadrax players something to look forward to in the future.
There is nothing to compare with the Quadrax series.

Posted: 02.11.2013 13:56:38

Welcome to the Quadrax X forum.
   email: Posted: 02.11.2013 01:07:15
I like the idea of the Dev. diary, even though most developers write their progress in forums (where certain people with no common sense bug the developer on the release date). I also thank you for finally including an editor, but bit disappointing that there are no graphic designers to make the game actual 3D.

Since you cancelled the 9th release and making an editor for the 10th, does that mean you are making this, what seems to be, the final release?
   email: Posted: 01.01.2014 05:10:39

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