Q: Is Quadrax X multiplayer game?
A: Unfortunately, as well as the QIII - QVIII is singleplayer games so the QX is also only singleplayer game. As the most of the levels and puzzles are designed for singleplayer and also the system of recording the best steps/times of the solved levels, where everything depends on as the most balanced synchronization of the switching between the figures and their activity as possible.

Q: I cannot solve the level “XY”, I think it is unsolvable!
A: All the levels are solvable. What would make sense to have the following levels? Just use your brain!

Q: Please help me in the level “XY”, what should I do there?
A: Do not write me emails asking for advice! I have created hundreds and hundreds of levels and certainly do not remember all of their solutions. For these questions use the forum.

Q: Can I reconfigurate the controls?
A: No, you cannot.

Q: Are there any cheats?
A: No, there are no cheats.

Q: The figures are too slow (fast), can I setup their speed somewhere?
A: No, the movement of the figures has to be synchronized with the sound and other objects in the game. Also several puzzles are based on this principle.

Q: I am looking for a game Quadrax 2 (Return to Quadrax). Am I able to find and download it from somewhere?
A: No, it was just a try, without a story and with the eighteen levels only. It was never issued public, never was released on any CD or DVD disks or on the internet. So it will stay like it is and it is better so, believe me.

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