As so many people have been writing to me and asking for a new continuation of the game Quadrax I’ve decided to continue by making a new series of the game Quadrax. Also, a lot of people write to me that they would like to express their satisfaction with the present series of the game Quadrax III – VII not only to write to me but also donate me. I’ve decided, on your impulse of you = players, to publish here the bank account, where anybody can (or doesn’t have to) donate the author as much as he or she thinks it is proper.

As far as any of the versions III and above amused or interested you so much that you are willing to donate the author for his work (and thousands of hours spent on creating the Quadrax game versions) and also support him to make new versions, you can do it by sending him any amount of money (it’s absolutely up to you) into this account No.:

For EU dwellers (and foreign donors):
IBAN: CZ34 0600 0000 0001 8235 5135
Banka: GE Money Bank, a.s.

You can also contribute through PayPal payment!:

Euro (€)
USD ($)

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