Prologue - some information about the Quadrax X

So, after a little fiasco with Quadrax 9 there is, all the fans and players are , surely, happy, the tenth version of Quadrax there in progress. It brings new technologies to the world of the Quadrax, which the previous versions couldn’t meet and hopefully, most of them are going to, at least a little bit, fill the gaps in the technological possibilities in the present time. There is almost nothing taken from the previous version nine into new version ten, except some drafts of levels – hence, most of the level I have created for version nine are in version 10. And, they are , of course, in a new and completely different graphics design and engine.

What basic novelties the Quadrax 10 is bringing out? Let’s say that it shows all and on the contrary – nothing. The main philosophy and logic of the game are the same, on which all the players have been used to. But the basic program for the game is written completely new from zero, nothing is used from the old program. The major change in the game is the new graphic resemblance of the game. I have decided that 10’th anniversary edition is running in 1920x1080 resolution, therefore in full HD (16x9). The frame rate is 60 fps and hence, the graphics fluency in motion is equal to the latest and most modern movies, which are filmed in two-fold frame rate compared to classic movies. Graphics game sequence is optimized for modern LCD monitors, plasma and LCD televisions. Even the players who are not in possession of the modern lcd or plasma monitors are going to able to play this tenth version. The players are able to play it perhaps on monitor with the ancient resolution 800x600 (downscale option), only the sharpness of the picture is going to be slightly different. So, everyone who has a monitor with resolution of 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 can be looking forward to playing this modern looking and smoothly running game. And those, who doesn’t have this type of monitors, they should start to save some money. ;-)

With the above facts related to the fact that the entire video game system is written in Direct3D and requires advanced 3D graphics card and operating system supporting at least DirectX 9.0c. Yes, the game almost surely will not run in Windows 95/98, but let's face it, who still use them today? The game should run on Windows XP, but is primarily optimized for Windows Vista, 7 and 8. For more technical and professional information, please, refer to "developer diary" , which is documented in detail the whole process of program development and graphics. All graphics (images, animations etc..) for QX are done to look good in full HD resolution. This required a huge quantum of work in a graphics editor, because nothing from previous episodes has been used, everything has been drawn/animated completely new again. So keep your fingers crossed for Quadrax X, and don't let it turn out as ignominiously as its predecessor (QIX)...

Quadrax X offers over 300 hours of entertainment (the average gameplay time is between 300 to 500 hours). But if you're a newbie and you did not have any experience with any previous Quadraxes, you might be unpleasantly surprised by his difficulty. QX is (together with QVIII) hardest logical game on the world. If you do not have any experience with Quadraxes, your chance for overcoming Quadrax X is very small. ;-)

The game can be downloaded from the Download page.

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