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In version 1.4 of the game was discovered bug in game engine. If you have a game version lower than 1.5
download and install the update to version 1.5:


(If you have a problem with download from upper link, try this mirror link: quadrax10update1.5.exe)

The version number of the game can always be found in the top right corner of the main game screen.
After completing update to start the game and make sure you have the correct version of the game 1.5.

Attention! From today, you can not publish the steps and times from game versions 1.0 - 1.4! Perform the update to version 1.5, and then you can send your results again.


Cumulative update 1.6 for QXEFF was published today. This update fix some wrong behavior of a lift +contain all previous fixes.

Please perform the update to version 1.6! You can download the update from the page EFF.


I have discovered a bizarre error of the EFF engine - incorrect behavior (blocking) of a lift when its roof was partially burdened with a stone. This error occurred only when the lift was in the right half of the level (specifically, after the position of 36 logic cubes in the axis X). Paradoxically, I have discovered this error when developing QN which derives from the EFF engine. (This error couldn't occur in QX.)

Please perform the update to version 1.5! You can download the update from the page EFF.


A bug were detected in QX EFF. Please perform the update to version 1.4! You can download the update from the page EFF.

In version 1.4 this bug was fixed:
  • When playing an imported locked project, only the first level could be played.


Something a little bit more cheerful for today, rather than continuous fixes in EFF, some news in the programmer's diary! And it's a tip for QX EFF for level texturing! ;-)


So perhaps the last fixes of critical bugs in the EFF. Please perform the update to version 1.3! You can download the update from the page EFF.

In version 1.3 these bugs were fixed:
  • Modification of primary and secondary game timer + option to switch between this modes in the graphics settings menu.
  • Missing textures of some animations for the night mode of episode environment.
  • Conflicts in environment animations (lava vs volcano, etc.).
  • Overwriting levels screenshot files.


Critical bugs were detected in QX EFF. Please perform the update to version 1.2! You can download the update from the page EFF.

In version 1.2 these bugs were fixed:
  • Missing textures of some active elements for the night mode of episode environment.
  • Incorrect detection of data integrity in the Project manager and in the EFF itself.
  • Instability of game speed during change of the CPU frequency during game running..


Unfortunately, critical bugs were detected in QX EFF version 1.0. Please perform the update to version 1.1! You can download the update from the page EFF.

In version 1.1 these bugs were fixed:
  • Selecting the texture of a top wood trap-cellar from the bitmap editor followed by the game crashing.
  • Inability of selecting some graphics elements in the bitmap editor.
  • Erroneous computing of the size of a 2x2 right-bottom beveled element.
  • Incorrect computing of a new type of the type/texture for a levitating stone in the teleporting process using a stone type changer.
  • Incorrect computing of a new type of the type/texture for an animated volcanic slippery stone in the teleporting process using a stone type changer.


As I promised, today

Quadrax X EFF is released!

The game can be downloaded from the EFF page.

I wish for all players a lot of fun and creative spirit!


On Friday May 27, 2016 at 12:00 pm QX EFF will be released! In the panel menu on the top of the website you can notice on the right a new item - EFF, after clicking you will get to the section dedicated solely to QX EFF.


As it seems everything in QX EFF has been tested and works flawlessly. Also, the translation of the user guide of EFF into English has been finished (the link is on the forum page). If everything goes as planned, QX EFF might be released at the end of May. So all players can already start rejoicing. ;-)


Screenshot from Quadrax Neverending main menu screen:

(Click on picture show it in full size on new window)


On website there is a published notice of the release of Quadrax X. Review of the game will (according to the expression of the editor) follow after the reviewer has really played it. Given that I created a special edition of the game for reviewers of the gaming magazines, where they can go through all the episodes (they can choose which episode they want to play) - after all, you can not expect them to go through the whole game for several months), so I'm curios about the review... ;-)

In the article, you can also contribute to the debate even namelessly! So the local community can express about the game there as well. ;-)


Because in the forum there are quite a bit of new discussion threads and some are already pretty extensive, I added small improvements to the engine forums for easier and possible reaction to the latest contribution - which is now, in the latest thread, color-highlighted.


The first players have already sent their results to the table of best records. Please send your results too, do not let them there alone!


I decided that the release of the game will be shift of 28 hours. Naturally, in the right direction. ;-) So today, at 12:00

Quadrax X is released!

The game can be downloaded from the Download page.

I wish for all players a lot of fun! And do not forget to start sending your results! ;-)


I have created a new facebook page dedicated only to Quadrax X:

So, keep visiting, viewing and so on. ;-)


Today, I have determined the final date to issue the game Quadrax X! The final date is:


So, untill that date, you can practice in the demo and on Friday the 20th you will be able to download and play the full version of Quadrax X. For the following weekend and the weekends after that, rather don't plan nothing important... ;-)


On the page Records I have placed the results of players from Demo 2. Players, please, keep sending more results.


Only 10 levels are left to be tested! However, because among them there are the toughest pieces (especially the final levels of episodes), I do not dare to predict how long it will take. However, if all goes well, Quadrax X might come out sometime in late November and early December!


In the demo level 4 there a serious error was discovered there, which allowed to resolve the level the unplanned way. Please, update Demo 2 (not for full game!) to the latest version 2.24: quadrax10demo2update2.24.exe


In the game engine an error was discovered, when, under certain circumstances, may result in forfeiture of the block through the roof of the elevator. Update 2.23 fixes only this bug in the engine: (Reference to update canceled because there is already a higher update.)


Given that Mr Tau found unplanned (and quite simple) solution at level 3, so there is a 2.22 update that fixes the level 3 (Reference to update canceled because there is already a higher update.)


So, in the level 1 there was discovered a small bug, I hope this is the last update, which refers to level 1 (Link to update canceled because there is already a higher update.)


Update of the demo version 2.18 is available for download on the Download page. A description of what the update includes:
  • The demo extended at six levels - added levels 4, 5 and 6
  • The repair of the occasional crash when switching to Windows and back.
  • Improvements to restore mixer sound effects.
  • Improvements and optimization of engine speed (less processor load).
  • Repair logic motion of the characters in unusual situations. Repair of the levels 1 and 3.
Also, the full installation demo package was optimized, which is now by about 20 megabytes smaller than in previous versions.


Update of the demo, which is extend to six levels, is ready. However, in order not to repeat the previous situation, and all three new levels undergoes extensive and rigorous testing. Testing of these levels has been going from 13.8. and one of the levels is already recognized as finished, the other two are not ( which means, there are still unplanned or simple solutions). Once the other two levels will be fully tested, the update will be ready here for download.

Update 2.18 will include not only the extension of the demo to six levels, but it will also remove some errors that were detected in the engine of the game.


An important news in the programmer's diary.


One good news before the weekend. The first tester suffers (apparently) from burnout, but the second tester that has recently joined us, began to test the remaining levels intensively and makes good progress, so the percentage of testing after a long time again nicely jumped up. Date of the game release before Christmas this year once again is becoming to seem real.


For some time I have had an update for the demo, which can be extended with another three levels - the total level in the demo will be (maybe - viz. below) six levels. But then, as some players were complaining as I was trying to tune the three original levels, I don't know if I should make it accessible for download or not. Because if it happens (even though the levels were far more tested), there still will be an error in one of the levels, I'd be really bored to read another lines of how it "has to be played again over and over," and so on, instead of, the players to appreciate that the levels will be error free.

So with the update to extend the demo to six levels I will probably wait for some time ...

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